Hi! I’m Simone Reinhardt. A lover of chickens (the fluffy, alive variety), chocolate, hammocks and books- just a few of my favourite things. I’m married to a wonderful man named Dave and together we have our gorgeous (not that we’re biased!) daughter Tahlia. I’ve been a professional photographer for 16 years now- and I couldn’t have dreamt of a better career!

I studied Graphic Design for 4 years at University, majoring in Photography. It was after studying that my dad, Clifford, said “My dear, come and join the family business! You’ll love it!” and I certainly haven’t looked back since!

I believe my love for the lens was inherent, growing up in a photographic family. My dad started our photographic company in 1969 as Alexander Photography. He has since retired- to Thailand!- and I’ve taken the reins, rebranding in Sydney as Simone Photography. Together we have 60 years photographic experience- everything he has learnt over the years he has passed onto me. My goodness what a gift. I consider my dad as one of the ‘Great Masters’ of photography.

I adore the diversity of this career- my shoots range from weddings to maternity shoots; full-on crazy 5 children family shoots to the more controlled corporate headshot shoots. The fact that I can be a ‘hands-on’ mother, as most of my shoots are over the weekend when ‘daddy-daycare’ comes to the party, is also a huge positive. It does mean though that much of my editing is done at night, in ‘me jim-jams with a cup of tea (or a wine!). I love the social aspects of this career- EVERY shoot I do is completely and utterly unique due to those involved.

I’m also amazed that I haven’t yet become jaded by 16 years in the same career. I still find myself having a little cry behind the lens at wedding ceremonies, being completely moved and blown-away by the momentous ceremony taking place in front of me. One that has been since the beginning of time.

I’m passionate about my art and about people- a massive asset I’ve gained from my career is that I’ve been ‘trained’ to seek beauty. And now it isn’t something I have to look for- I see it in everyone around me. Whether it’s the way their eyes light up when telling others of something they’re passionate about, their gregarious smile, a certain stance they have when thinking about something far, far away…those are the things I like to focus on. So the rest of the world can see their beauty too.

I believe in fun, natural shoots that aren’t contrived or staged. And- I’d love to meet over a coffee for a chat! Let’s see what I can do for you in capturing your life’s special memories…xxx

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