Bar/Batmitzvah Photography

Bar/Batmitzvahs are such an important milestone in your son/ daughter’s life. I really enjoy photographing them as the process allows me to really get to know the family. I start off doing a portfolio shoot- either on location or at a venue of our choice. I’d advise bringing a change of clothes to the shoot so we can get a variety of feels throughout. We’ll then decide whether we’re going to compose a storybook album for signing on the day of the celebration or whether you’d prefer a large, framed portrait which can be signed and later framed. The next step is the shul rehearsal- lovely to pick up the important images with family and the preparation for the big day. The last and final phase is the simcha! Full of fun, life and energy- I love being able to capture the barmitzvah boy or batmitzvah girl with her friends, interacting, dancing and chatting.

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