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My aim is to try and keep your family photographic session as relaxed and candid as possible. I’m constantly seeking to capture who you really are as a family- and the special bonds which exist between you. Before our session we’ll do a telephonic consultation- where I can find out more about your family’s interests, hobbies and what it is you like to do together. We can then chat about location- whether it’s your home garden, a nearby scenic park, the beach or the forest- we want a place where you can all have fun and relax.

I like each family member to be wearing their favourite outfit- one in which they feel comfortable and confident. Being able to move around easily- running, jumping and playing- is important. Once we’ve decided on our location we can look at our colour palette. For example, whites look gorgeous on the beach whereas bright reds can contrast beautifully against the green, leafy backdrop of the forest.
I aim to shoot for approximately 40min to 1 hour. I temper the shoot according to the activity and energy level of your family. If you have a newborn, for example, this can take a little longer to allow for feeds so that your baby is relaxed and content during his/ her session. If you have older children an hour is usually more than enough time to get some really fun action shots as well as the more ‘traditional’ family images.
You’ll receive your full set of edited images on USB approximately 10 working days after your shoot. Once you’ve had a chance to look through all your images I’d encourage you to select your favourite images (about 120 images) together as a family and I’ll then put together a customized Photographic Storybook for you.

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