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The business was started by my father, Clifford Alexander, in 1969 (click here for our ‘About‘ page), and when I joined the family business in 2002 he taught me all he had learnt about both the art and the business side of wedding photography. I then moved to Sydney and rebranded as Simone Photography. Our challenge has always been to observe and capture, in an informal and reportage style, images that tell the story of your celebration. Family and friends need to relive the joy of the special day with an intimate sense of familiarity.

I try to offer my clients a relaxed and intimate experience- it’s all about being able to focus on your partner, friends and family on your wedding day. The wedding photographs should be the last of your worries- Simone Photography can take care of that. I start by meeting my clients for a presentation- where we get together to go through some of my portfolio shots as well as a few complete weddings. I try to get a sense for the style you’re looking for. You’re more than welcome to start putting a file together with all your favourite wedding images, which I’ll then try to reference as much as possible on the day. Our last get together before the wedding will be during our pre-wedding chat session, which we’ll schedule approximately 2 weeks prior to your wedding day. We’ll confirm times, important shots as well as family member names and those special guests you’d like me to focus on. We do ofcourse do full guest coverage but it’s fun to go around during reception and grab a few individuals of those nearest and dearest.

I base my photographic wedding packages on 8 hours of cover – I’m flexible to adhere to your celebration’s specific requirements as each event is completely unique. An intimate lunchtime wedding of, for example, 40 guests, may only require 5 hours of cover, whereas a larger gathering of 250 guests may require 12 hours of photographic cover.

I like to start photographing the groom together with his family and groomsmen, moving on to capture the preparation of the bride and bridesmaids. I love the intimate details of the day – doing up the back of the dress, fastening the shoes, putting on the jewellery, and the final spritz of perfume before walking out the door. I’ll then record your ceremony as unobtrusively as possible, followed by approximately 20 minutes with the bridal party and then 20 minutes with just the two of you. Next is the reception- everything from reportage guest coverage, the classic table shots (if you so choose), the speeches, the cutting of the cake to the throwing of the garter and bouquet.

I’m a big fan of pre-wedding photography sessions in Sydney as it gives us time to get to know one another and also for you to feel comfortable in front of the camera. I find a forested location works beautifully- I’ll guide you and help get you into the various ‘poses’ and then allow spontaneity and your connection to do the rest. What I’m aiming to capture in my shoot is the way the two of you interact, the way you communicate with one another and the way you show your affection. By the time your wedding day comes you’ll be so used to having the camera on you that you can relax and simply be yourselves, and that’s when we get the magical shots.
I come from a photographic background, with my father establishing the business in 1969. I studied Fine Art and Graphic Design for four years, majoring in Photography. From there I joined the family business and have been working as a professional wedding photographer for 13 years now. It’s a dynamic, creative career. I’m constantly meeting new and interesting people and shooting in the most beautiful locations.

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